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FLYINGGROUP receives EBAA Diamond Safety of Flight Award

FLYINGGROUP is pleased to announce it has received a Diamond Safety of Flight Award from the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA). This accolade is awarded to operators that surpass 100.000 hours of flying without any accident.

Currently FLYINGGROUP operates and maintains 43 aircraft world-wide. The group's headquarter is in Antwerp and has extended throughout the years to Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands and lately Malta. FLYINGGROUP conducts a complex operation, with high performance aircraft and challenging missions. In addition, it complies with complex, detailed and ever changing rules and regulations and faces a very competitive market.


At the EBACE 2014, FLYINGGROUP was awarded with the EBAA Gold Safety of Flight Award for operating 80.000 hours without an accident.


"After having received the EBAA Gold Safety of Flight Award in 2014 we are very proud to now having been awarded with the EBAA Diamond Safety of Flight Award." says Bernard Van Milders, President & Founder of FLYINGGROUP. "This is currently the highest safety recognition awarded by EBAA and we are one of the first companies to receive it "


Passing now the 100.000 accident-free flight hours is an important milestone in the success story of FLYINGGROUP. It’s worthwhile to realize that for achieving such a milestone, every single mission is important – they all count equal. Aviation is terribly unforgiving for any carelessness, incapacity or neglect. Safety management requires constant attention, awareness and competence of all parties involved. Achieving this milestone is clearly a team effort and a recognition of many years of passion and hard work.


There is sometimes a small line between ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ in the pursuit of business objectives. Obviously, FLYINGGROUP had its own few critical events throughout the years. Therefore, FLYINGGROUP remains humble and realizes that to maintain and to further improve its safety performance, it’s required to continue to invest in the competence of its staff.


Safety is and always will be one of FLYINGGROUP’s top priorities. It is an obligation to its customers, staff and their beloved ones at home. Geert Hulshof, Safety Manager states: “Safety is being realized on the work floor and requires a joint effort. I am very proud to have achieved this milestone as a team.”