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New corporate headquarters

Our headquarters in Antwerp are in the final stages of construction


It has been fascinating to witness the progress over the last year. Demolition of the old offices went as planned and work could start immediately on the drillings for the Geothermal central, at depths of 85 metres underground.


This was essential to install the impressive cooling & heating system allowing heat to be transferred to and from the ground. After this, huge tanks were placed with a capacity of 30,000 litres of rainwater followed by pipes and cables for the underfloor heating and cooling.


From then on, the progress was more and more visible: the steel construction was placed and walls were built, concrete floors were laid, IT and electrical cabling was installed, all running perfectly smoothly and on time.


The ceilings were finished with a plastering technique to create a premium acoustic finish in which the product is spray-applied with recycled materials mixed with glue.

The finishing touch was made in July just before the builders’ annual leave - an amazing 531 solar panels were installed on the roof and front.


The completion date is planned for September 2020. Our energy efficient building will stand out as a remarkable state-of-the-art headquarters for FLYINGGROUP and its valued customers and employees. We look forward to welcoming you in this new sustainable and future-proof environment!