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Dear valued FLYINGGROUP connection,
FLYINGGROUP is, undoubtedly just like you all, very concerned about the health and well-being of all our people and our clients.

As the spread of the COVID-19 global crisis continues to evolve, we would like to inform you about the measures we are taking from FLYINGGROUP which are in line with the procedures instructed by local and international instances.

FLYINGGROUP Covid 19 measures

WHY : we have two priorities 

  • protect ourselves and our families’ health
  • and in addition, we are also determined to continue to provide our services to our clients to the maximum extent possible, but in an adapted manner.

HOW : we prepared ourselves well in the last weeks

Ending by last Friday’s stress test. It resulted in a good outcome and since then our Services are rendered from our Staff’s home offices.

This is the right moment to make use of our digital resources (good servers, adapted telephone systems, conference calls and video conferencing will allow us to guarantee the continuity of all our remote services). This will further guarantee the quality and timing of our commitments even if it requires some adaptation. We will be able to continue our meetings and discussions with you, albeit digitally.

Thus, as from today our administration offices will be closed until further notice. But most probably -according to Belgian Government instructions- at least until April 3th. This means that all our Services continue with staff working from home.

On the other hand, we can secure our FBO service from Antwerp. During office hours there will always be somebody to welcome you in a duly cleaned and disinfected environment: our Staff is very much aware how to take care of their -and eventually your health and hygiene.

Aircraft Maintenance will be organized on demand and with the necessary protection.

We have also built contingency plans to address any logistics or delivery challenges that may arise.

WHAT : List of protective matters (info that can/will be changing over time)

FLYINGGROUP started preparing itself 2 weeks ago to handle the CoViD-19 issue:

  • Posters were created with useful tips on how staff should handle the outbreak, and these were distributed throughout the company (in all its locations, Antwerp, Kortrijk, Luxemburg, Paris, etc.)
  • The EASA issued CoViD-19 poster was placed in the operational areas of our FBOs.
  • Special CoViD-19 “Universal Precaution Kit (UPK)” were ordered with “MedAir InternationalSOS” and placed on the first 4 aircraft. More kits are also on backorder and will be placed in the aircraft as soon as they are received. These kits are intended to enable crew to “isolate” passengers or colleagues with CoViD-19 symptoms, and to help contain the onboard/in-flight transmission of pathogens putting the other aircraft occupants at risk.
  • We had already started carrying “Passenger Locator Cards” 10 days ago, and continue to do so.
  • Throughout the company anti-bacterial gels and hand disinfectants were supplied/placed in all restrooms, coupled with the mandatory use of single use paper towelettes.
  • The decision was taken last week to enable home-working and to trial remote working, including of the FLYINGGROUP OCC (Operations Control Centre) which went “off-site” for a full 24 hours.
  • Special communication solutions/procedures were also activated: increased use of WhatsApp groups, MS Teams video/call-conferences and dedicated crisis team notification groups.
  • We have created and distributed special Visitor Questionnaires, to be completed by visitors, in which they are required to provide answers/information, relevant to the current situation, and based on those we assess whether we allow entry to our premises or not.
  • We also monitor daily, the information channels of all relevant national/international governmental and private entities on the CoViD-19 outbreak developments, and adapt our procedures accordingly. We couple this also with our existing risk management procedures, which now firmly imbeds the health regulations.
  • On the operational side, we have started full disinfections of our entire aircraft fleet, with appropriate cleaning substances in order to minimise the risk of further contamination among our customer base and employees. Visiting 3rd party aircraft passing through our FBOs are requested the same.
  • Areas in the company where employees who have shown CoViD-19 symptoms, are/will also be fully disinfected, using all means available to us.
  • Since week 13 special instructions were implemented regarding catering onboard. Everything needs to be disinfected according our procedures, and hence only suitably packed foodstuffs are on offer. (Catering specifications are available through our Commercial and Charter departments).
  • The company has also imposed a work related travel ban to all its employees, unless those who for operational reasons absolutely need to travel. All meetings abroad, and most visits from abroad to our sites, which are not absolutely necessary, are postponed.


We continue our Manager On Duty system, safeguarding a 24/7 hotline to which our Staff and our Customers can turn with all their questions, anytime. Number manager on duty: +32 3 295 12 70

Our finance and risk management teams are carefully managing our strong financial resources to ensure ongoing operational integrity and flexibility.  This is the heart of our culture, focusing on commitment to our customers and for taking care of our employees and stakeholders. We are here to serve as we always have been. 

This crisis will be dealt with in a professional manner. We’re determined to come out stronger again and deliver you the best Quality you deserve: now and in our mutual Future.

Please be safe as we together navigate this challenging time.