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Your trusted charter partner during COVID-19

During these trying times, we at FLYINGGROUP would like to extend our services to you, in getting you or your loved ones home, safely.

If you are looking to avoid crowded airports or to evacuate from affected areas, you can count on us to get you home. We are equipped to support repatriation missions and the transport of essential workers and the positioning of your flight crew to where they need to be.

At FLYINGGROUP, we make your safety our mission.

We have been equipped for several weeks with Covid Kits on our aircraft and we have been implementing the most diligent sanitation practices, pre and post flight to ensure that our clients and crew are safe.

Special CoViD-19 “Universal Precaution Kit (UPK)” were ordered with “Med Air International SOS” and are onboard of our aircraft since the outbreak of the pandemic. These kits enable our crew to “isolate” passengers or colleagues with CoViD-19 symptoms, and to help contain the onboard/in-flight transmission of pathogens putting the other aircraft occupants at risk..

In addition, FLYINGGROUP has special operational procedures for passenger categorization and seat assignments, onboard services delivery, catering facilities, self-monitoring, exposure risk assessment and potential quarantine measures for passengers and crew.

Before and after flight, each aircraft is routinely disinfected and special cabin services information is displayed on safety cards in the back of each seat.

The feasibility of every flight is carefully checked and planned by our operations control center to ensure that all country regulations and airport procedures are adhered to