Aircraft Management

Your aircraft in full or shared ownership

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Travelling frequently? At FLYINGGROUP, we offer…

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Travel throughout Europe at unmatched speeds…

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Aircraft Charter

Travel on your own terms

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Ground Handling

We make sure every visit to…

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In the accredited facilities of FLYINGGROUP…

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Aircraft Hangar Rental

FLYINGGROUP owns and manages a portfolio…

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Travelling frequently? At FLYINGGROUP, we offer you the flexibility you are looking for, without any long-term commitment or administrative burden. Benefit from guaranteed aircraft availability without the financial investment tied to the ownership of an asset.

Rest at ease. Our FLYINGMEMBER and FLYINGCARD formulas guarantee you an available airplane up to 24 hours before departure. Rely on us to provide you with the right aircraft, be it from our own fleet or a selected partner’s fleet. As always FLYINGGROUP guarantees full transparency: after each itinerary you’ll receive a detailed flight report.

How does it work?

You sign up for a FLYINGMEMBER or FLYINGCARD programme and transfer a one-off payment, after which you can book any type of aircraft at a moment’s notice and all charges will be deducted from your balance. No need for any hassle with payments prior to your flight. Furthermore, we guarantee you the aircraft type of your choosing up to 24 hours before your planned departure. After this threshold we will provide you with the best possible alternative should your preference be unavailable. A dedicated FLYINGGROUP representative is assisting you throughout the entire journey. 



If you prefer a blank slate pricing for each of your requests and if you enjoy speculating on the price fluctuations of the air charter market and of Jet A1 fuel, then becoming a FLYINGMEMBER is an ideal fit for you. Just request a flight on your preferred aircraft class and FLYINGGROUP will present you with a tailormade travel solution and price. Upon your agreement, we will proceed with all arrangements and flight preparations.



Do you favour predictability? Then we can recommend you opt for the FLYINGCARD. Upon your signature, FLYINGGROUP locks in a fixed price per flight hour for all your requests in the ensuing 12 months. As such, you already know beforehand what the costs for your travel plans will be. The added benefit of the FLYINGCARD is that both payment and the administrative burden of completing a charter agreement are no longer required before your trip. A simple phonecall or message suffices to reserve your airplane.