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Aircraft Charter

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Prefer to travel on your own terms? We understand only too well. Take off at any moment, delighting in the convenience of a charter flight and the outstanding FLYINGGROUP hospitality.


The right solution
for every occasion

Combining our own fleet and the offer of dependable partner operators, we present you a wide variety of aircrafts to suit your particular needs, whatever the desired capacity, service, range or budget.

The FLYINGGROUP charter fleet:​

• We manage a modern and diverse fleet.

• Our aircraft are based across Europe.

• Your flight is completely organised by our FLYINGGROUP team.

• We ensure excellent service and flexibility.

Our partners’ fleet:

• We arrange a jet that optimally meets your request.

• Both aircraft and operator are carefully selected.

• Our experienced team manages your entire flight.

• We ensure excellent service and flexibility.


Our service extends outside of the airport perimeter. To connect you with your charter flight for example, we can happily arrange a helicopter or limousine, guaranteeing the unique FLYINGGROUP experience throughout your entire journey.


Travelling frequently? At FLYINGGROUP, we offer you the flexibility you are looking for, without any long-term commitment.

Our ‘FLYING CARD’ guarantees you an available flight 24 hours before departure, at a fixed rate per flight hour. Rely on us to provide you the right aircraft, be it from our own fleet or a selected partner’s fleet. Our experienced crew and staff manage your entire journey, ensuring uncompromising comfort.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on board. Get a quote on your charter.

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