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These “Terms and Conditions” of maintenance and/or repair set out hereinafter shall apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing, to any and all maintenance and/or repair services performed and goods delivered to or in respect to aircraft or equipment or parts thereof by the EASA Part-145 approved Maintenance Organisation of FLYING SERVICE N.V., having registered office at B-2100 Antwerp (Belgium), Luchthavenlei 1-18, (hereinafter “FlyingGroup”) or delegated/subcontracted third parties, taken by and delivered upon explicit or implicit request or order of a natural person or legal entity (hereinafter the “Customer”). FlyingGroup will not recognize differing terms and conditions of the Customer unless FlyingGroup has explicitly consented to their applicability in writing. These General Conditions will also apply if FlyingGroup unconditionally delivers maintenace and repair services and goods to the Customer with knowledge of contrary terms and conditions of the Customer, or terms and conditions that deviate from these.


2.1. Offers and cost estimates submitted by FlyingGroup shall be made without commitment unless explicitly specified in the offer to be binding.

2.2. Any offer will become effective and binding upon written confirmation by FlyingGroup or upon initiation of the work involved.


3.1 Each order shall be deemed to contain an authorization of FlyingGroup without specific approval by the Customer to carry out or cause to be carried out all such work as shall be necessary for testing the object to which the order refers, with the exception of test flights.

3.2 In the event the order includes the execution of scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, testing or modification work, it shall upon mutual agreement cover all such work and testing as shall be deemed necessary by the responsible inspector of FlyingGroup to maintain or restore the airworthiness of the aircraft.

3.3 FlyingGroup shall be authorized to delegate/subcontract any work ordered by a Customer to an approved and authorized third party organization without previously notifying the Customer or obtaining specific consent of the same. 


4.1. Customer representative(s) staying at a FlyingGroup facility during any portion of a maintenance input downtime can be supported by FlyingGroup at the respective FlyingGroup facility with ancillary services which are in direct connection to that maintenance input including accommodation and lodging, ground and air transport, telecommunication and other similar support services available in the course of reasonable customer care activities. In case of medical emergency situation also health care support for the Customer representative directly can be arranged for.

4.2. The Customer hereby represents that his representative(s) is/are entitled to order such ancillary services on the Customer’s behalf. Such orders need to be in written form and be signed by the Customer representative. Cost for such ancillary services will then be paid directly to the provider by FlyingGroup and charged back to the Customer as separate line items in the invoice for the respective maintenance input.


5.1 Prices established under contract shall refer exclusively to such work and supplies as are agreed upon in writing. Additional works not agreed for in the contract are charged separately. If no fixed price is agreed upon, FlyingGroup shall apply the standard list prices it charges at the time of performance for the services and goods involved as published and available on <>.

5.2 All prices shall be net ex-works unless specifically otherwise agreed. Subcontractor and spare parts price increases, foreign exchange rate fluctuations, customs duties, taxes or other dues augmenting FlyingGroup’s cost price shall be borne by the Customer if they occur subsequently to the dispatch of confirmation of order.

5.3 Agreed prices are exclusive of VAT and other local taxes that may apply.

5.4 If the Customer purchases components required for maintenance work by FlyingGroup directly and delivers these parts for installation, FlyingGroup is entitled to charge for handling plus applicable custom and import charges if applicable. The amount of such charge for handling shall be established as per the then current price list of FlyingGroup. FlyingGroup shall be entitled and willing to order components required for maintenance work on behalf of the Customer through Customers OEM spare parts program and charges shall be invoiced to OEM or the Customer as per the program rules and in case of doubt to the Customer.


6.1 Prior to or during the performance of the maintenance and/or repair work, FlyingGroup and the Customer may agree on a payment scheme with agreed payment dates for work performed or to be performed.

6.2 The Customer guarantees that all cost and expenses incurred in connection with the execution of the order shall be paid on the due dates agreed and in any case prior to release of the aircraft and acceptance of the services and goods delivered by the Customer. In the event of FlyingGroup performing any maintenance and/or repair work at any location other than one of its own facilities, the Customer shall also reimburse FlyingGroup for all costs and expenses incurred by FlyingGroup due to such remote activities, increased with a 10% (ten percent) administration fee. Such costs and expenses shall include but not be limited to the following: travel, car rental, board and lodging expenses as well as fee for travelling time and living allowances, transportation costs, duties, handling fee, charges, taxes, fees and cost of material.

6.3 FlyingGroup shall be entitled to demand an advance payment of at least 50% (fifty percent) of the total price quoted prior to commencement of work and additional interim advance payment at any time during the performance thereof if in FlyingGroup’s reasonable discretion such advance payments appears advisable. The Customer cannot claim any interest for any payments made in advance regardless of the timing of such payments. The Customer shall not be entitled, in particular due to alleged or actual deficiencies, to withhold payment or part thereof for work performed by FlyingGroup, unless such counterclaims have been accepted by FlyingGroup or have been confirmed by an enforceable judgment. If the Customer delays making the advance payments, FlyingGroup may suspend the delivery of the contracted services and goods. In case the default is not remedied in 2 (two) weeks after notifying the Customer of such suspension, FlyingGroup may terminate the contracted services and goods without any indemnification related thereto being due by FlyingGroup, notwithstanding the right of FlyingGroup to claim compensation and indemnification for such termination from the Customer.

6.4 Payment shall be due on the dates fixed even in the event of delivery postponement by the Customer. Payment of advance payments as referred to in article 6.3 here above shall be due at the date fixed in the advance payment request and shall remain due for payment even in the event that, due to short project duration and in contrary to what applies under these General Conditions, the aircraft or other subject of the order is being redelivered in good faith by FlyingGroup before receiving the requested payments.

6.5 If the Customer fails to effect payment(s) at the dates due, FlyingGroup shall be entitled to charge interest from the day on which payments have been due. Unless otherwise agreed, such interest shall be at the rate of 1% (one percent) each accumulating month of delayed payment.

6.6 Without prior written approval by FlyingGroup, the Customer shall not be entitled either to assign any rights and liabilities arising for him from his contract with FlyingGroup or to offset possible counterclaims against the claims of FlyingGroup, unless such counterclaims have been accepted by FlyingGroup or have been confirmed by an enforceable judgment.

6.7 If the Customer disputes an invoice in good faith it shall provide FlyingGroup with written details of the disputed element within 10 (ten) days of receipt of the invoice and pay the undisputed part in accordance with paragraph 6.2. Failure to comply with this condition shall result in deemed acceptance by the Customer of the correctness of the invoice in question.

6.8 Payment by credit cards, cheques, bills of exchange or money orders shall not be considered to have been effected until the date of positive crediting to the applicable FlyingGroup bank account.


7.1 A binding completion and/or delivery deadline only exists if it has been expressly confirmed in writing as such by FlyingGroup.

7.2 Observance of such completion and/or delivery deadlines as are acknowledged as binding shall be subject to the Customer having previously met all contractual obligations, in particular the due and timely delivery of the object of order including keys, aircraft papers, etc., any permits, approvals and clarifications, the settlement of technical questions, the remittance of advance payments demanded by FlyingGroup and the prompt fulfilment of the Customers all other duties under the contract. If this is not the case, appropriate deadline postponements shall be specified or work stoppage may occur. Deadlines shall also be postponed if compliance with defined deadline is not possible because of force majeure or unforeseeable events such as lack of spare parts, dislocation of operations, strikes, lockouts, etc.

7.3 If the subject matter of the contract changes or is expanded by mutual agreement from the original order and if this results in a completion and/or delivery delay, the delivery and production deadline will be extended in a corresponding fashion. FlyingGroup will notify the Customer of this without delay and cite a new, appropriate deadline. The same applies analogously to the case that the aircraft replacement parts and ground support equipment or parts have to be delivered by a third party for the maintenance, repair or modification and the relevant supplier exceeds binding deadlines that formed the basis for the agreement regarding the binding delivery period, and purchase of the parts from a different source is not possible or reasonable for FlyingGroup within the required period of time.

7.4 In the event such extended deadline is not met for reasons which FlyingGroup is responsible for, the Customer shall have the right to withdraw from the contract by written statement after paying full compensation for the work already performed by FlyingGroup.


8.1 Exchange Parts: If the Customer is supplied with exchange parts, he shall return the off-core parts to FlyingGroup within 10 (ten) days of the receipt of such exchange parts. The costs of exchange shall be determined in advance by the manufacturer of the parts or by FlyingGroup. If the expense of repairing the returned off-core parts exceeds the cost of the exchange, the Customer shall be charged with the difference by supplementary invoice. If for any reason whatsoever the Customer returns a part remitted to him by FlyingGroup without having used it, such part shall only be accepted if serviceable upon arrival at FlyingGroup. The Customer shall in addition be charged with a restocking and certification fee of 15% (fifteen percent) of the part’s current list price or such charges that a supplier or OEM applies and invoices to FlyingGroup, whichever is higher. If a returned part is found to be defective, the Customer shall be charged with the cost of repairing and recertification it by supplementary invoice. If the part is not repairable, the Customer shall be debited with the full sales price.

8.2 Loaned Parts: The provisions of FlyingGroup standard loan agreement shall be applicable to loaned parts even in cases in which no such agreement is specifically concluded. Loaned parts shall be returned serviceable in any event. If such is not the case, the repair and recertification costs or, if repairs are not cost-effective, the replacement cost of loaned parts shall be charged to the Customer.


9.1 The Customer shall deliver at its own expenses the aircraft, part or equipment to be repaired or maintained (“subject of order”) to the FlyingGroup facility where such repair or maintenance is agreed to take place.

9.2 The repaired and/or maintained aircraft, part or equipment shall be redelivered by FlyingGroup ‘ex works’ in accordance with the Incoterms (2010).

9.3 Acceptance will be approved in writing as a general principle and will be at the expense of the Customer. Acceptance is not permitted to be refused for flaws that do not interfere with the airworthiness or significantly interfere with the functional capability of the subject of order.

9.4 Shipment of the subject of order to the Customer, including temporary storage of the same en route or at destination, shall be entirely at risk and expense of the Customer.

9.5 Once FlyingGroup has given the Customer written notice of completion of a repair or maintenance job, the Customer will pick up the subject of order and inspect the services within a period of no more than 3 working days from the date of notice, after which period the Customer will be in default and deemed to have accepted the subject of order and the aircraft or parts will be entirely at his risk, and FlyingGroup will only remain liable thereafter for destruction/damage to the aircraft arising directly from the wilful misconduct of FlyingGroup.

9.6 The acceptance inspection will be regarded as complete as soon as the Customer utilises the subject of order.

9.7 In case where formal redelivery and/or acceptance has not occurred due to work stoppage by FlyingGroup due to whatever reason or if the contract is terminated and the aircraft remains parked at FlyingGroup , or in case that after formal redelivery and/or acceptance the aircraft remains at the FlyingGroup facility after acceptance deadline as stated in clause 9.5, then it is the sole responsibility of the Customer to define and formally order to FlyingGroup any preventive or preservative maintenance measures to be applied to the aircraft during such extended grounding period of the aircraft to ensure continuing airworthiness and fitness for use of the aircraft. FlyingGroup hereby expressively excludes any liability for dilapidation of the aircraft during any prolonged grounding period of the aircraft. The aircraft or parts will be entirely at Customer’s risk, and FlyingGroup will only be liable for destruction/damage to the aircraft arising directly from the wilful misconduct of FlyingGroup.


10.1 Title to goods supplied, whether on their own or as part of the performance of services and whether separate and identifiable or incorporated in or mixed with other goods by FlyingGroup to the Customer shall remain with FlyingGroup until payment in full has been received by FlyingGroup for those goods, for any other goods supplied by FlyingGroup and of any other monies due from the Customer to FlyingGroup on any account to the extent permissible under the applicable Law. Until title to the goods passes to the Customer, the Customer shall keep the goods separately and readily identifiable as the property of FlyingGroup and the Customer will notify FlyingGroup (at FlyingGroup’s request) of their whereabouts at any time.

10.2 Any resale by the Customer of goods in which title has not passed to the Customer shall (as between FlyingGroup and the Customer only) be made by the Customer as agent for FlyingGroup and the Customer shall be deemed to be holding any monies received from the resale of such goods on trust for FlyingGroup. 10.3 The Customer shall immediately notify FlyingGroup of the whereabouts of the goods if FlyingGroup notifies the Customer that the Customer is in breach of any of the terms of an agreement incorporating these Conditions or if FlyingGroup considers, for any reasonable cause, that the goods are in jeopardy.

10.4 Forthwith upon receipt of notice from FlyingGroup pursuant to clause 10.3, the Customer’s authority to possess the goods shall automatically end (without any requirement for notice or any other act) and all goods which are the property of FlyingGroup shall be immediately delivered to FlyingGroup.

10.5 FlyingGroup’s employees and agents shall be entitled to enter any land, buildings, vehicles or aircraft where the goods or part of them are situated or are reasonably thought to be situated, and may take possession of them at any time, to the extent permissible under the applicable Law. If the goods have been fitted to or fixed to an engine or aircraft, the Customer explicitly grants FlyingGroup the right to take possession of them and FlyingGroup’s title in the goods shall not be affected by any stipulation or rule of law that the goods have become part of an engine or aircraft.


11.1 In respect of all claims, whether due or not, resulting from contractual relations with its Customers, including claims resulting from prior business relations with the Customer concerned, FlyingGroup shall have, in addition to its legal right of retention, a contractual right of lien on such objects in its possession, independently of the Customer’s proprietary rights. The Customer herewith gives its consent and approval to all measures reasonably taken by FlyingGroup to secure its right of lien. FlyingGroup shall be entitled to enforce such right of lien for the purpose of securing any of its claims against the Customer, including claims resulting from (i) prior business relations with the Customer concerned, and/or (ii) a business relationship between the Customer and any affiliate which is under the same ultimate control as FlyingGroup.


12.1 FlyingGroup warrants that maintenance and repair works carried out by it shall be free from any defects in workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days but in no event longer than hundred and fifty (150) flight hours after the completion of maintenance and/or repair work on the aircraft.

12.2 The warranty of FlyingGroup shall expire if (i) the Customer does not inform FlyingGroup in writing within ten (10) days from the discovery of the defect, (ii) the Customer does not give FlyingGroup immediate access to the aircraft in order to inspect the defects, (iii) the Customer or a third party appointed by the Customer have tried to repair the defect without the prior inspection and/or authorization by FlyingGroup, (iv) the Customer has not taken all precautions to prevent an aggravation of the damage, or (v) the Customer does not comply with operating instructions given by FlyingGroup or the OEM of the aircraft.

12.3 In the event that any defect results from faulty workmanship of maintenance and/or repair work performed by FlyingGroup, the sole remedy available to the Customer shall be the immediate remedy of such defect by FlyingGroup by repairing and/or replacing, at FlyingGroup’s sole discretion, any defective parts and/or workmanship at no cost for the Customer up to a maximum amount not exceeding the total sum of the relevant work order.

12.4 The Customer shall inform FlyingGroup immediately in the event that the maintenance and/or repair services are unsatisfactorily after performance thereof. All claims against FlyingGroup for any defect will become extinguished unless they have been notified to FlyingGroup without undue delay, immediately but not later than five (5) business days after detectable occurrence of the defect. The claims will also become extinguished unless they have been justified by a detailed written report within ten (10) business days after detectable occurrence of the defect.

12.5 As long as the Customer is in default of payment, no warranty claims whatsoever shall be considered.

12.6 No warranty claims will be considered for used parts installed at the request of the Customer. If the Customer demands that equipment, spare parts, material, etc. supplied by himself are used, FlyingGroup bears no responsibility as to the function of the said equipment and/or installation and refuses any warranty for the same.

12.7 In case of work performed by third parties, FlyingGroup’s warranty shall be limited to the extent to which FlyingGroup is entitled to claims against third parties and can successfully enforce such claims.

12.8 With reference to equipment and spare parts used in the maintenance or repair of the aircraft, the respective third party manufacturer’s and/or supplier’s warranty shall be applicable and FlyingGroup does not assume any additional warranty for such equipment and/or spare part.

12.9 FlyingGroup will, so far as it is able, pass on to the Customer the benefit of any warranty given by any third party (whether manufacturer, sub-contractor or otherwise) in respect of equipment and spare parts and/or services. Subject only to that obligation, all goods and services are sold without any warranty whatsoever, save as specified in this Paragraph 12.


13.1 FlyingGroup its servants, agents and subcontractors shall never be liable for direct damage of any kind (material , death, injury delay, loss) sustained by the Customer, its directors, employees, servants, agents and subcontractors and any third parties operating on its or their behalf, including Customer’s service providers and suppliers the owner and/or the lessor and/or the lessee of the Aircraft and/or any third party as the case may be as a result of the use of the provision of services and furnishing of goods under this Agreement whether or not such damage was sustained due to the negligence of Flying Group, its servants, agents and subcontractors, unless it is proved that such claims resulted from an act or omission of FlyingGroup, its servants or agents, done with intent to cause damage or recklessly and with knowledge that damage, death, injury delay, loss would probably result, provided that, in the case of such act or omission of a servant or agent, it is also proved that he was acting within the scope of his employment. In no event shall FlyingGroup be liable for any incidental damages, consequential damages, special damages, indirect damages, loss of profits, loss of revenue or loss of use, even if informed of the possibility of such damages.

13.2. Subject to clause 13.1. FlyingGroup’s total liability the Customer for direct damage shall be limited in an amount not exceeding the level of the applicable Charges paid by the Customer per claim; and in respect of all claims (connected or unconnected) in any consecutive 12 (twelve) month period, the equivalent of the total charges paid by the Customer

13.3 To the extent permitted under applicable law, these limitations will apply regardless of whether liability arises from breach of contract, warranty, tort (including but not limited to negligence), by operation of law, or otherwise.

13.4 The Customer shall be liable to FlyingGroup for any damage he, his representative or his agents may cause to the subject of order and for damage caused by negligence or intention to FlyingGroup, its representatives or its agents.

13.5 FlyingGroup is under no obligation to take insurance coverage for the aircraft, its components or parts or equipment, which are located on its premises, in its workshops or on its parking areas. The Customer undertakes to take out insurance coverage for property (hull all risk Insurance on aircraft and aircraft spare parts, including improvements installed thereon as the work progresses). The Customer furthermore undertakes to take out a third party liability coverage for the duration of the delivery of services and goods considered hereunder which includes FlyingGroup, their representatives and agents as joint insured irrespective of the remaining liability provisions. If the Customer has ordered services from FlyingGroup on behalf of a third party, the Customer guarantees that such third party effects and maintains insurances in the same way. The Customer will upon FlyingGroup’s request produce copies of the respective insurance certificates for the insurances mentioned in this clause.

13.6 The Customer shall undertake to discharge FlyingGroup from any third party claims that may be advanced against FlyingGroup for any legal reason whatsoever in connection with any work carried out by FlyingGroup to the Customer’s order and to assume any and all expenses and costs that may be incurred by FlyingGroup due to such claims.


14.1 In the event that any one or more of the present terms shall, for any reason, be held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining present terms hereof shall be unimpaired and the invalid, illegal or unenforceable term shall be replaced by a mutually acceptable term, which, being valid, legal and enforceable, comes closest to the intention of the parties underlying the invalid, illegal or unenforceable term.

14.2 Customer and FlyingGroup, in performing under their business activities, covenant to fully comply with all laws, regulations, and policies of their respective countries, including all applicable export control regulations and applicable anti-bribery laws.

14.3 The General Conditions are construed in accordance with and shall be governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Belgium.

14.4 The parties herewith agree that any disputes involving the validity, explanation or execution of these General Conditions shall be, after attempt to amicable settlement, definitively settled by the competent courts of the judicial district of the Kingdom of Belgium.