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Ground Handling

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We make sure every visit to FLYINGGROUP is time well spent. The recent investment at our headquarters in Antwerp have produced the most beautiful surroundings showcasing Belgian design at its finest.

FBO services in Antwerp

We proudly welcome you in our remarkable zero energy building in the world’s diamond capital.

Unwind in passenger and business lounges or connect with your associates in one of our corporate meeting rooms. Every space provides multimedia access , daily press and quality coffee. Pilots can freshen up and retreat in private quarters.

Our team also handles the rather tedious tasks, such as customs formalities, hotel bookings or new flight plans. Need a lift to or from the airport? We can arrange a taxi, limousine or helicopter. For maintenance and cargo, we have an in-house operations division on stand-by.

Meeting rooms
Internet connection
Vip catering
Private parking
Cargo facilities
Customs formalities
Pilot rooms

Hangarage in Antwerp

Antwerp International Airport is located between Brussels and Eindhoven and has proven to be a cost-effective alternative for Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Luxembourg. We have over 5100m2 of hangar space for short or long-term hangarage, enabling you to avoid de-icing during winter.

Hangarage in Brussels

In 2015, FLYINGGROUP inaugurated a commercial office in the General Aviation Terminal at Brussels Airport. We also procured a hangar offering more than 4000m2 indoor space and 3000m2 of apron parking. This hangar accommodates even large bizliner jets.

Hangarage In Kortrijk

This brand new state of the art 4000m2 hangar is constructed at the north site of the Kortrijk – Flanders International Airport and has a large 2500m2² apron and dedicated taxiway for easy access. This new heated facility also provides a customer lounge equipped with all the amenities. The facility is open both for long term or short term shelter. Contact our experts for a competitive quote or further information.

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