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Full ownership

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Full ownership

As the owner of a jet aircraft, you deal with both the benefits and the burdens. We alleviate your concerns with our experience and attention to every detail.

Our In-house

Owning and managing a jet can be quite demanding. The stringent technical requirements and the soaring operating costs are immense. At FLYINGGROUP, we are happy to help.

We keep your aircraft in mint condition, compliant with the prevailing European regulations for operations. Our team of over 150 experts currently oversees a fleet of 30 aircraft, making FLYINGGROUP a major player. Furthermore, we run an official maintenance facility with qualified specialists for routine inspections or comprehensive maintenance.

Some of our clients rely on us to make their jet a source of income, extending its use to third parties. What would a flight be without the ‘return’, right?

Our added value:

• Your aircraft is handled by our specialists.

• We manage every possible detail.

• We help you limit operating costs.

• Transparency is key in the fee remuneration.

•You can opt to get a commercial return on top.

Shared ownership

Maximal flexibility in travel and minimal expenses in operations? Sharing an aircraft is a sensible way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Our shared ownership

This formula enables you to fully tailor the use and accompanying costs of flying a private jet to your actual needs. It limits your investment to your personal share, but it does not limit you to one single aircraft: we have an entire fleet at your disposal, allowing you to fly with various aircraft on the same day.

Why carry the load alone? Join the FLYINGGROUP community to spread the financial burden and benefit from the economies of scale to save on insurance premiums, fuel prices and maintenance fees. 

We organise and arrange all essentials for management, maintenance and operations. You travel at any time, and at affordable rates, offering you attractive tax options on top of that. So, do you share our enthusiasm on sharing ownership?

Our financial proposal:

• Investment is limited to your own share.

• Pay an annual fee according to your share.

• Variable costs are calculated per flight hour.

• Flight costs correlate to specific flights.

• We ensure full transparency at all times.

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