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FlyingService – Anytime, anywhere

FLYINGGROUP’s team of specialists and qualified technicians tend to our own fleet as well as third party jets, meeting the highest safety and quality standards. 


We were recently contacted by an Austrian private jet operator. While in approach to Liege Airport, their Cessna CJ3 displayed the fault messages “Power Brake Low” and “Antiskid Inop”, meaning that normal brakes were not available.

The crew used the emergency brake system for landing and taxi, and the aircraft was declared AOG. This power brake system fail can be caused by several malfunctioning items: the overpressure switch, the hydraulic pump, the landing gear selector switch, and a relay. The operator was keen to know the exact cause, so we sent a team on site the next day to perform troubleshooting. All intervening components were checked and measured, and eventually they identified the landing gear selector switch as the culprit. The switch was rigged, and the system worked again.

The next day, the team went back on site to reinstall all the removed equipment, perform a bleeding of the hydraulic system, and do the necessary functional tests. No more issues were found, and the aircraft was subsequently released to service. The operator had anticipated a downtime of about a week, but they were back in the air after only two days on ground.

Another successful intervention by our maintenance team!

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