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FLYINGGROUP, one of Europe’s leading business jet operators, is looking for a Junior Commercial Executive at the main office in Antwerp.

The Junior Commercial Executive is a member of the charter team. He/she mainly does this by making quotations, addresses clients, and processes bookings.

He/she keeps the booked flights administratively up-to-date and monitors their practical organization.

Main duties and responsibilities:

Quoting requested flights through the in-house computer program and delivering them in as short a timeframe as possible to clients through online charter mediums;

Following up on offers, price, and service negotiations in view of selling the proposed flights;

Drawing up contracts and deliver those to clients in order to have them signed;

Pass on financial information to Accounting so that the invoice can be created and sending to the client;

Follow up on the timely payment of invoices, both from clients and to suppliers;

Obtaining certain required information from clients such as passenger details and catering requests and pass these on to Flight Planning and Flight Operations.

Informing clients about operational possibilities and limitations as well as offering solutions where necessary;

Calculating the relevant information towards the aircraft owners while keeping their specific preferences and criteria in mind that have been dictated by FLYINGGROUP and the owners of the aircraft proper;

Keeping financial information and the general administration up-to-date regarding booked flights;

Prospecting potential new clients and generating new business independently;

Taking up guard duties to guarantee continuity outside of regular office hours;

Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes:

College degree in a commercial program or similar through experience;

Very good language knowledge of minimum 2 languages; an excellent command of the English language is mandatory;

A basis of relevant aviation awareness combined with a firm geographical knowledge

Commercial flair and attitude leading to the ability to receive and handle clients properly;

Ease of communication with a large diversity of nationalities and levels;

Being stress-resilient and able to work under time pressure

Ability to work independently and take responsibility for one’s work.

Demonstrate a critical attitude

To apply to this vacancy, please send your application form and resume online. Only candidates meeting all of the above requirements will be considered and contacted.

FLYINGGROUP is een succesvolle en snel groeiende onderneming gespecialiseerd in het beheer, onderhoud en ondersteuning van zakenvliegtuigen. Voor onze hoofdvestiging op de luchthaven van Antwerpen hebben we een vacature voor een Aircraft Fuel Handler.


– Met een truck neem je de brandstofbevoorrading van alle vertrekkende vliegtuigen voor jouw rekening, van klein tot groot.

– Je bent verantwoordelijk voor de kwaliteit van het geleverde product, het uitvoeren van testen behoort tot je dagelijkse activiteit.

– In de luchtvaart staat veiligheid centraal. Correcte administratie en afhandeling van de brandstofleveringen is een must.

– Er wordt in shiften gewerkt en in het weekend. De luchtvaart staat immers nooit stil.


Flexibiliteit is een belangrijke eigenschap van de succesvolle kandidaat

– Je kan zelfstandig werken en goed de inhoud van jouw shift organiseren.

– Je kan omgaan met klanten in een vreemde taal, basiskennis Engels is hiervoor vereist.

– Je bent doordrongen van het veiligheidsbesef. Je bestuurt namelijk een truck net naast de vliegtuigen.

– Correct kunnen omgaan met tijdsdruk

– Door het gewicht van de slangen en de koppeling is een goede fysieke conditie een must

– Indien je een rijbewijs C hebt, een bewijs van vakbekwaamheid en een ADR tank kwalificatie heb je reeds een goede startpositie!

Om te reageren op deze vacature, gelieve uw CV, motivatiebrief en eventueel bewijzen van de genoten opleiding door te sturen.

Enkel kandidaten die voldoen aan bovenstaand zullen gecontacteerd worden. 


FLYINGGROUP, one of Europe’s leading business jet operators, has a vacancy for a PILATUS PC24 EASA rated captain based in Barcelona area.

FLYINGGROUP is looking for PILATUS PC24 EASA rated captains living in the wider Barcelona region.

Candidates need to have at least 2000 H total time with 1000 H PIC on multi engine jets.

Please contact our Director of Operations, Frans Dechaene through LinkedIn. He will unfortunately not be able to answer candidates who do not meet the above criteria.

FLYINGGROUP presents a new catering concept onboard our fleet

Our team of experts have created a unique FLYINGGROUP meal box on our flights departing from Belgium without a Flight Attendant to bring you the finest quality of food with the freshest ingredients. The boxes have been designed to ensure your meal is delivered safely and in style in sustainable packaging.

The monthly menu will be presented to you by your FLYINGGROUP representative where you can choose between breakfast, lunch/dinner, or appetisers. Each option has choices such as meat, fish, vegetarian & healthy. Every month the menu will reflect the season with premium ingredients and fresh delights.


We bring you the finest quality of food with the freshest ingredients

Our chef will deliver your meal in a custom-made cool bag which will be brought to the aircraft just before departure ensuring the highest standards of food quality.


The design of the box proudly displays our brand identity. It is the mark we leave behind wherever we go. This captures the essence of what we do and why we do it – for you, our valued customer.


The design of the box proudly displays our brand identity

FLYINGGROUP’s team of specialists and qualified technicians tend to our own fleet as well as third party jets, meeting the highest safety and quality standards. 


We were recently contacted by an Austrian private jet operator. While in approach to Liege Airport, their Cessna CJ3 displayed the fault messages “Power Brake Low” and “Antiskid Inop”, meaning that normal brakes were not available.

The crew used the emergency brake system for landing and taxi, and the aircraft was declared AOG. This power brake system fail can be caused by several malfunctioning items: the overpressure switch, the hydraulic pump, the landing gear selector switch, and a relay. The operator was keen to know the exact cause, so we sent a team on site the next day to perform troubleshooting. All intervening components were checked and measured, and eventually they identified the landing gear selector switch as the culprit. The switch was rigged, and the system worked again.

The next day, the team went back on site to reinstall all the removed equipment, perform a bleeding of the hydraulic system, and do the necessary functional tests. No more issues were found, and the aircraft was subsequently released to service. The operator had anticipated a downtime of about a week, but they were back in the air after only two days on ground.

Another successful intervention by our maintenance team!

Contact our team of experts:


Civil Aviation is a highly regulated and respected industry controlled by national aviation authorities. To maintain the enviable safety standards that have been established, people working within the industry must be licensed. In other words, just as Pilots are trained and then licensed to fly aircraft, Aircraft Technicians must be trained and licensed to maintain aircraft and then release those aircraft to service.

By ensuring that all maintenance work is properly executed and all Aircraft Technicians are fully trained and regulated, the Aviation Industry (and its governing bodies) aims to maintain the safety of the aircraft and all passengers by keeping the airplanes in airworthy condition.

This aim is not simple to achieve. Aircraft are a complex mixture of systems maintained by an equally complex workforce. For this reason, it is worth your while taking time to understand the licensing process for certifying Aircraft Technicians and the training that you will undertake if you choose Aircraft Engineering as your career.

To ensure safety within the industry, Aircraft Technicians are licensed in the same way as pilots and air traffic controllers. If suitably licensed an Aircraft Technicians can certify the work that has been carried out on an aircraft and return it to service.

This license is known as the Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance License or AML and is valid for 5 years after which it needs to be renewed by the competent authority.

Let’s have a look at the different categories of licenses:

  1. A Line Maintenance Certifying Mechanic is a person who is qualified to work on operational aircraft performing relatively minor maintenance tasks and replacement of parts that are required between major service overhauls and to subsequently certify these tasks; this work is generally done while the aircraft is in service, during turnarounds or overnight. A Category A License is required for this which is issued after passing all the appropriate modules and obtaining the appropriate experience (up to 3 years of appropriate experience and including basic knowledge).


  1. A Base Maintenance Certifying Technician is a person who is qualified to work on aircraft that require more complex maintenance tasks or have been withdrawn from service for routine periodic servicing or major overhauls and re-fits and who can then subsequently certify his/her own and other work. A Category B License is required for this, which is issued after passing all the appropriate modules and obtaining the appropriate experience (up to 5years of appropriate experience and including basic knowledge). The Category B License is further divided into specializing categories such as mechanical (B1) and avionics (B2).

Typically the amount of training hours required to complete the license program are:

  • 800hrs for Category A
  • 2400hrs for category B

Now, what disciplines do the Licenses cover?

Category A

A1 – Turbine Engined Aeroplanes

A2 – Piston Engined Aeroplanes

A3 – Turbine Engined Helicopters

A4 – Piston Engined Helicopter

For example: to certify the replacement of a main wheel on a CJ3 (during line maintenance), a Category A1 license is required.

Category B

B1.1 – Turbine Engined Aeroplanes

B1.2 – Piston Engined Aeroplanes

B1.3 – Turbine Engined Helicopters

B1.4 – Piston Engined Helicopters

B2 – Avionic

B3 – Piston engine non-pressurized aircraft below 2,000kg mass

For example: to certify the replacement of the landing gear on a Falcon 7X, a category B1.1 license is required.

How do you get an aircraft type on your AML?

In order to add a category to an AML, a theoretical part and a practical part must be completed.

The theoretical part consists of passing exams of the different modules of basic knowledge in a Part 147 organization. Which modules you need to take exams for depends on the category you apply for.

The practical part consists of demonstrating experience. The required content and duration of your practical experience depends on the category requested and on your previous education. This experience must also be representative and recent.

When both sections are evaluated positively, you can obtain an AML with the requested category endorsed, issued by the competent authority.

If I have my Part-66 AML, can I start working on airplanes?

No. To start working on aircraft and certifying your work, an internal certification authorization within the Part 145 Maintenance Organization is required. This internal certification authorization is based on the procedures described in the Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE) of the organization.

The Maintenance Organization is responsible to perform a qualification assessment of the individual holding an AML. Typically this assessment will be performed by the Compliance Department of the Maintenance Organization.

Once satisfied you will be granted a document typically called a “Company Authorization” which will identify the privileges.

Wesley Vaerewijck

Compliance Monitoring & Safety Manager

FLYINGGROUP’s Hangar at Paris-Le Bourget Airport LFPB available for leasing

FLYINGGROUP owns and manages a portfolio of hangars and terminals in Antwerp, Brussels, Kortrijk, Luxemburg and Paris-Le Bourget airports. Here we aim to provide a dedicated and turnkey solution for our clients. FLYINGGROUP is pleased to announce our hangar at Paris-Le Bourget Airport (LFPB) is available for leasing. The hangar consists of:


  • 5,200m2 apron area
  • 3,200m2 heated hangarage able to accomodate A320/B737 aircraft size
  • 2,000m2 workshop, paint shop, avionic & battery shop and storage area
  • 900m² office space
  • 50 parking spaces available


The hangar is located within the central zone of the Paris-Le Bourget Airport and the apron is accessible through two taxiways.

Hangar 409 has ground heating, LED lights and is equipped with a lifting system. Electricity  and compressed air and water are deployed through the whole hangar and workshops. Offices are air-conditioned and are located on the 1st floor of the building.


The hangar is perfect for aircraft and components maintenance and aircraft storage.

If you are interested to lease a part or the whole hangar to install your maintenance organization and/or to protect your aircraft from the weather elements, do not hesitate to contact


Also coming soon Aircraft hangar rental in Lelystad and Strasbourg airports.

Luxury Meets Sustainability

FLYINGGROUP is well known for exceeding our customer’s expectations and we welcome you to admire our new lounges for passengers and crew at our headquarters in Antwerp.

The zero energy building with the staggering 694m2 of solar panels on the exterior is filled with luxury and beauty on the inside. The attention to detail in the design by Evolution21 is brought to you in this photoshoot by Jente Willems.

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail” Karine Bonjean, owner Evolution21

FBO services and VIP lounge

When you visit FLYINGGROUP you will be welcomed by our friendly team in the most beautiful surroundings. Unwind in passenger and business lounges or connect with your associates in one of our corporate meeting rooms. With five-star amenities for crew, we offer comfort and assistance to your needs.



Evolution21 is a Belgium based luxury furniture company  known for its high-end textiles, leathers and furniture with warm and harmonious colours, to bring out a radiant and hospitable design for their customers. Instagram Evolution21

Jente Willems is a Commercial and Fine Art Photographer based in Antwerp Belgium, specialized in Advertising, Interior, Architecture, Automotive and Portrait Photography. He devotes his time working for marketing and advertising agencies, interior designers, architects, commercial brands, campanies and magazines around the world. Instagram Jente Willems