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For more information, please contact Kristiaan Cloots, FLYINGGROUP’s Marketing Director:

+32 474 45 94 60

For more information, please contact Kristiaan Cloots, FLYINGGROUP’s Marketing Director:

+32 474 45 94 60

A partnership between two Belgian based companies

With the reopening of the newly renovated headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium in 2020, we wanted to revitalize our entire brand identity, looking at what’s ahead with respect to what lies behind.


Last year, our journey with Butch Tailors started. Their task: to design a new uniform for our pilots.


Butch Tailors has been manufacturing quality garments since 1956. We described to them what our requirements were for our pilot’s uniform. The result was specially developed for FLYINGGROUP, to suit modernists and traditionalists alike. Bespoke tailoring, hard wearing durable fabrics, not mass-produced. Fitting perfectly within FLYINGGROUP’s sustainability plan.

The new uniform has been developed specially for everyday wear with practicality being key for our crew. A comfortable and breathable fabric for corporate wear but with a luxury feel ensures timeless appeal.

The result is a smart sharp silhouette, the crew wears their new uniform with great pride.


Butch Tailors has been manufacturing quality garments since 1956

About Butch Tailors

First the name was created by an important textile family. Later in the 90’s Dominique Vindevogel had the opportunity to acquire the name and knowhow. He became the director of the company with a specific vision seen throughout the DNA of the garments. He did it with the help of commitment, skills and traditions. Dominique Vindevogel’s vision of Butch Tailors was well thought through and he looked for the future instead of attempting to earn a quick profit. When other brands cut back on production, Dominique Vindevogel knew to retain his main asset, his experienced professionals. Without these people and their experience Dominique Vindevogel would be nothing more than an ordinary brand today. One can say that in a way, all Butch Tailors products look like their creator. They reflect stern gentlemanly qualities to be perfect in every detail. Butch Tailors continues its steady course and continually gains new customers. Something has obviously been done in the right way.

FLYINGGROUP is delighted to announce that it has acquired the qualifications to serve Saint-Tropez La Môle International Airport with its Pilatus PC-24 aircraft, allowing you to travel there in even more style than before.

With its elegant facilities, personalised service and highly attentive staff it ensures the quickest and most hospitable access to the region known for the yacht harbour, rustic towns and magnificent beaches.

The Pilatus PC-24 aircraft offers you the comfort, room and flat floor of a medium-light jet, but at a lot lower price. The unique cargo door and compartment allow easy loading of larger baggage items such as multiple bicycles, diving equipment, golf kit, buggies and wheelchairs. Enjoy your journey to Saint-Tropez and the many equestrian, yachting and sailing events with a maximum of 6 passengers in FLYINGGROUP’s prime on-board service.
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Our ISO certification is a testimony of quality and trust before you even fly with us.

Year after year, FLYINGGROUP has earned its reputation as a partner of choice by continuously improving the quality of our business jet charter, aircraft management, ground handling, and maintenance solutions. 

In 2018, FLYINGGROUP proudly became one of the few operators recognised by ISO, the most significant standards-developing organization in the world.  After a comprehensive audit of our company, elite operations, and quality management systems, we are pleased to announce that FLYINGGROUP has been ISO 9001 recertified until October 2024. 

Meeting the exceptionally high standards of ISO 9001 reflects FLYINGGROUP’s commitment to quality in everything we do. It infuses excellence into our guest experiences, propels quality and efficiency within our best-in-class services, and remains a source of immense pride for the strongest, most honest, and hardest working team in our industry.


FLYINGGROUP presents a new catering concept onboard our fleet

Our team of experts have created a unique FLYINGGROUP meal box on our flights departing from Belgium without a Flight Attendant to bring you the finest quality of food with the freshest ingredients. The boxes have been designed to ensure your meal is delivered safely and in style in sustainable packaging.

The monthly menu will be presented to you by your FLYINGGROUP representative where you can choose between breakfast, lunch/dinner, or appetisers. Each option has choices such as meat, fish, vegetarian & healthy. Every month the menu will reflect the season with premium ingredients and fresh delights.


We bring you the finest quality of food with the freshest ingredients

Our chef will deliver your meal in a custom-made cool bag which will be brought to the aircraft just before departure ensuring the highest standards of food quality.


The design of the box proudly displays our brand identity. It is the mark we leave behind wherever we go. This captures the essence of what we do and why we do it – for you, our valued customer.


The design of the box proudly displays our brand identity

FLYINGGROUP’s team of specialists and qualified technicians tend to our own fleet as well as third party jets, meeting the highest safety and quality standards. 


We were recently contacted by an Austrian private jet operator. While in approach to Liege Airport, their Cessna CJ3 displayed the fault messages “Power Brake Low” and “Antiskid Inop”, meaning that normal brakes were not available.

The crew used the emergency brake system for landing and taxi, and the aircraft was declared AOG. This power brake system fail can be caused by several malfunctioning items: the overpressure switch, the hydraulic pump, the landing gear selector switch, and a relay. The operator was keen to know the exact cause, so we sent a team on site the next day to perform troubleshooting. All intervening components were checked and measured, and eventually they identified the landing gear selector switch as the culprit. The switch was rigged, and the system worked again.

The next day, the team went back on site to reinstall all the removed equipment, perform a bleeding of the hydraulic system, and do the necessary functional tests. No more issues were found, and the aircraft was subsequently released to service. The operator had anticipated a downtime of about a week, but they were back in the air after only two days on ground.

Another successful intervention by our maintenance team!

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