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FLYINGGROUP’s Hangar at Paris-Le Bourget Airport LFPB available for leasing

FLYINGGROUP owns and manages a portfolio of hangars and terminals in Antwerp, Brussels, Kortrijk, Luxemburg and Paris-Le Bourget airports. Here we aim to provide a dedicated and turnkey solution for our clients. FLYINGGROUP is pleased to announce our hangar at Paris-Le Bourget Airport (LFPB) is available for leasing. The hangar consists of:


  • 5,200m2 apron area
  • 3,200m2 heated hangarage able to accomodate A320/B737 aircraft size
  • 2,000m2 workshop, paint shop, avionic & battery shop and storage area
  • 900m² office space
  • 50 parking spaces available


The hangar is located within the central zone of the Paris-Le Bourget Airport and the apron is accessible through two taxiways.

Hangar 409 has ground heating, LED lights and is equipped with a lifting system. Electricity  and compressed air and water are deployed through the whole hangar and workshops. Offices are air-conditioned and are located on the 1st floor of the building.


The hangar is perfect for aircraft and components maintenance and aircraft storage.

If you are interested to lease a part or the whole hangar to install your maintenance organization and/or to protect your aircraft from the weather elements, do not hesitate to contact


Also coming soon Aircraft hangar rental in Lelystad and Strasbourg airports.

Luxury Meets Sustainability

FLYINGGROUP is well known for exceeding our customer’s expectations and we welcome you to admire our new lounges for passengers and crew at our headquarters in Antwerp.

The zero energy building with the staggering 694m2 of solar panels on the exterior is filled with luxury and beauty on the inside. The attention to detail in the design by Evolution21 is brought to you in this photoshoot by Jente Willems.

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail” Karine Bonjean, owner Evolution21

FBO services and VIP lounge

When you visit FLYINGGROUP you will be welcomed by our friendly team in the most beautiful surroundings. Unwind in passenger and business lounges or connect with your associates in one of our corporate meeting rooms. With five-star amenities for crew, we offer comfort and assistance to your needs.



Evolution21 is a Belgium based luxury furniture company  known for its high-end textiles, leathers and furniture with warm and harmonious colours, to bring out a radiant and hospitable design for their customers. Instagram Evolution21

Jente Willems is a Commercial and Fine Art Photographer based in Antwerp Belgium, specialized in Advertising, Interior, Architecture, Automotive and Portrait Photography. He devotes his time working for marketing and advertising agencies, interior designers, architects, commercial brands, campanies and magazines around the world. Instagram Jente Willems

Voka Interview with Bernard Van Milders and Johan Van Lokeren

The Belgian Chamber of Commerce VOKA recently interviewed Bernard and Johan where they discuss  FLYINGGROUP’s 25 year history, expansion and future plans. With the recent investment in zero energy headquarters and the FLYINGBUBBLE concept, the future is solid with respect to the environment and safety assured. You can read the full article here

Fashion shoots, TV commercials , Events

FLYINGGROUP has an extraordinary 8000 square metres of space in Antwerp, as well as hangarage in Kortrijk, Brussels and Paris for a unique photoshoot location.

Once you have passed our stringent security checks, your camera crew are welcome in our spacious locations which are well ventilated and open from early morning to late at night.

Antwerp airport recently turned into filmset for a Netflix series, ‘Into the Night’. Every night our expert Ground Handling team towed an A318 Airbus on to the set. Stay tuned for the release of season 2 here.

Corporate Events, Conferences, Exhibitions

Our brand new event venue in Antwerp is just 10 minutes from the city centre. Your guests will arrive at ease with over 800 nearby parking spaces and public transport access. Featuring luxury materials and state-of-the-art technology, our new building is situated in a private yet accessible location.

Contact us today for a competitive quote and more information.

Today we officially open our new headquarters in Antwerp and proudly launch our new logo.

Over the last decades, we have seen a lot of changes in the business and private aviation industry. Business aviation is about creating a unique service and making the most of a passenger’s time. One of the most significant trends in the industry is the commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and mitigating climate change. 

With the opening of the new headquarters in Antwerp, we wanted to harness the momentum and revitalise our entire brand identity. We look at what’s ahead with respect to what lies behind. We continue to invest in our core strengths, founded on the in-depth understanding of our customer. It begins with thoughtful leadership, a shared awareness of the core purpose and brand fundamentals. It’s about finding new ways to delight customers, to engage employees and to demonstrate our competitive advantage.

Everything we do starts from a simple belief: every journey should be a joyous experience. This regards both our customers and our employees, manifesting the core of who we truly are. “We are an energetic company, providing delightful business and private aviation solutions, moving people and bringing peace of mind — anywhere, anytime.” Our outstanding crew and staff share their expertise and commitment to ensure uncompromising safety and comfort, and they are destined to answer all our customers’ desires and needs.

This determination is defined by our core values:


– We are devoted to what we do: it’s not a job, it’s a calling. We are obsessed with providing the best flying experience and are willing to go the extra mile.


– As our customer’s partner, we are committed every step of the way. We have the very best people and experience in-house to guarantee a delightful service.


– We always handle with care and profound respect for our heritage, demanding regulations, delicate equipment, the environment, and the customer’s expectations.

To clarify what we as a company stand for, we captured the essence of our brand in one meaningful and memorable tagline. “FLYINGGROUP – DESTINED TO DELIGHT.” This deceptively simple phrase is the shorthand for our brand identity; a guiding principle for all that we do and promise to all our customers.

Our state of the art headquarters capture this all in the most beautiful and stylish setting. This remarkable zero energy building is Belgian design at its finest. FLYINGGROUP is now soaring steadfast towards the future and we look forward to welcoming you soon.

Pilatus PC-24 now available for charter

FLYINGGROUP is proud to announce that the Pilatus PC-24 is now available in our charter fleet

The PC-24 is simply unique. It’s the only aircraft combining the versatility of a turboprop with the cabin size of a medium-light jet, and the performance of a light jet.
The aircraft is based in Antwerp and is available without owner’s approval for charter flights. Next to ad-hoc charter flights we can also offer blocks of flying hours. 

Contact our sales department now for a quote or to arrange a private viewing on:
+32 3 295 12 34

  • Default Base : Antwerp

  • Seating Configuration (Seats) : 6 +2

  • Cruise Speed : 815 km/h

  • Range : 3650 km

  • Cabin Dimensions (HxWxL) : 155 x 169 x 701 cm

  • Cabin Volume : 14.2 m³

  • Built : 2018

  • Generously spacious cabin with flat floor

  • Swiss made 

Non-essential travel prohibited as of January 27th 2021

Extra documents for travelling

For travelling abroad from Belgium, the extra documents required are:

  • Your identity card or international passport. Do not forget to check the validity. If you have a dual nationality, bring the passport of your second nationality in case this is required for the country of destination.
  • Sworn statement on essential travel reason. Download the form here. See below for more information.
  • When travelling for professional purposes, you need a Business Travel Abroad (BTA) form. The employer needs to complete this BTA form before you travel. Before travelling back to Belgium, you must complete the Passenger Locator Form. If you indicate that you are “travelling for professional purposes”, you will be requested to fill in your BTA certificate number.  
  • For some countries a negative COVID -19 test certificate is required.
  • Check which  travel restrictions apply, if any, and which conditions you have to meet in the country you are flying to. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, some countries are subject to travel restrictions which are converted into colour codes. Departing abroad is therefore on your own responsibility. Check your destination here.

Essential travel reasons

From 27 January to 1 March 2021, you may only travel abroad for an essential reason. You must hold a sworn statement.

What is an essential reason?

  • Professional reasons. Please also check the BTA form to facilitate business travel.
  • Compelling family reasons, e.g. to visit a child or partner, to attend a marriage or funeral of a close relative.
  • Humanitarian reasons, e.g. for a medical reason, to help an elderly person.
  • Study reasons.
  • Residents of border regions.
  • Other urgent reasons, e.g. to take care of an animal, to move house

Source of this information on 25/01/2021, and for more information: 

All the information on current travel restrictions originates from the Foreign Affairs Ministry.  For more information, the Foreign Affairs call centre can be reached at +32 (0) 2 501 4000 on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm (Belgian time). The call centre is closed during weekends and on holidays and bridging days.

We’re happy to help. In case of questions,  please contact your FLYINGGROUP representative.

Click to read our  Covid-19 Safety card 

Click to read our Pre-flight passenger information leaflet

Cessna Citation M2 Now available for charter.


The Cessna Citation M2 jet is the ultimate combination of beauty and efficiency. 

Based in Kortrijk, this aircraft  is housed in our 4000m² state of the art hangar at Flanders International Airport where we provide executive ground handling services. The location is a fast, flexible and remarkably accessible business airport for your convenience.

This newest addition is the 3rd Cessna Citation in our fleet which has a highly experienced and flexible crew of pilots. The 5-seater aircraft built in 2018 can take you from the heart of Europe to a range of over 2200km as you enjoy VIP catering in the luxurious 7m³ cabin.

With over 25 years of experience, FLYINGGROUP is committed to your journey whilst ensuring strict sanitary measures to guarantee your peace of mind while flying with us.

Contact our Sales Team for more information here. We will assist you every step of the way.

FLYINGGROUP goes the extra mile for their customers

Despite the challenging circumstances currently felt worldwide, a successful mission took place for 10 special little passengers

On Sunday morning, 21st June 2020, a flight safely arrived at Cologne Bonn Airport, Germany, which brought 10 orphaned children from Haïti to Europe to their new adoptive families.​​

FLYINGGROUP guarantees the health and safety of all its passengers with strict sanitary measures ensuring peace of mind for all. Each mission is meticulously planned in detail by aviation professionals using the best technology and years of experience.

FLYINGGROUP’s crew of 3 pilots and a Flight Attendant knew that this mission would stay in their hearts forever, as they took great care of the passengers every step of the way. The children’s families will be forever grateful to Bruno, Xavier, Steven & Mietje for their efforts.

The FLYINGGROUP team of 150 dedicated professionals continually strive for the best, both for their passengers as well as the aircraft owners who allow these charter flights to go ahead.

The whole team has been touched by this and it has been a huge achievement under the current circumstances. We are all proud to work for a company that aids relief efforts like these.

Your Personal Flying Space To Keep You Safe

We look forward to welcoming you back in your personal FLYINGBUBBLE.

FLYINGGROUP’s devoted team will continue to safeguard your safety and health.

Rest assured that we are ready and prepared!

A word from our President, Bernard Van Milders

Dear customers, guests, employees, suppliers, and friends,

First of all, I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy!

Since the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus more than 3 months ago, aviation has gone through turbulent skies. The closing of borders and other necessary measures taken by countries and aviation authorities has also had a huge impact on business aviation.

From one day to the next, we were limited to essential travel and this is exactly what we have been doing, taking into account the strict regulations imposed by governments, aviation authorities and virologists.

It is still uncertain when we will all go back to normal but we see borders slowly but surely reopening and some measures being lifted.

With this said, we want to assure you that we are ready and prepared!

That’s why we, FLYINGGROUP, created your personal FLYINGBUBBLE; a series of sanitary measures to guarantee your peace of mind while flying with us.

Our devoted team will continue to strive for the most important things in life; your safety and health.


Bernard Van Milders

12th June 2020

  • Private Bubble pick-up at home

  • Fully protected ground staff and crew

  • Temperature check before boarding

  • Social distancing is respected at all times

  • Sanitized planes before and after flight

  • Sanitary kits on board

  • Single contact luggage handling

  • Sealed and packaged meals available