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COVID-19 - Updated entry regulations for Belgium

Haïti Mission

FLYINGGROUP goes the extra mile for their customers


Despite the challenging circumstances currently felt worldwide, a successful mission took place for 10 special little passengers


On Sunday morning, 21st June 2020, a flight safely arrived at Cologne Bonn Airport, Germany, which brought 10 orphaned children from Haïti to Europe to their new adoptive families.

Initially there were numerous delays and disappointments, mostly due to the global pandemic but also because of the complexity of the mission.


However once FLYINGGROUP took over the planning and execution, the flight could go ahead. With over 25 years of experience, the team succeeded in reducing unnecessary costs for the adoption agency ‘Help A Child’ who chartered the flight.

FLYINGGROUP guarantees the health and safety of all its passengers with strict sanitary measures ensuring peace of mind for all. Each mission is meticulously planned in detail by aviation professionals using the best technology and years of experience.


FLYINGGROUP’s crew of 3 pilots and a Flight Attendant knew that this mission would stay in their hearts forever, as they took great care of the passengers every step of the way. The children's families will be forever grateful to Bruno, Xavier, Steven & Mietje for their efforts.

The FLYINGGROUP team of 150 dedicated professionals continually strive for the best, both for their passengers as well as the aircraft owners who allow these charter flights to go ahead.


The whole team has been touched by this and it has been a huge achievement under the current circumstances. We are all proud to work for a company that aids relief efforts like these.

Our OCC Team