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Aircraft charter

Suppose the timing of a scheduled flight does not suit your plans, there is no flight at the time you want to take the plane or all scheduled flights are fully booked. In that case, a charter flight would be the right choice to get to your destination on time.

For every charter request we look for the right solution, meeting your requirements on capacity, service, range and budget. The FLYINGGROUP fleet offers a well-balanced fleet of jets and has selected partner operators to provide you a wide range of possibilities.

  • FLYINGGROUP fleet: a very young and diverse fleet of aircraft in our own management. Our fleet will suit most of your charter needs, this due to the variety of types and different bases throughout Europe. Flights on our own fleet are arranged from A to Z by our own people. This way we can guarantee an excellent service and flexibility.   
  • External fleet: If a partner aircraft would be more suitable for your flight or if it would be better positioned we will offer it to you. Through a careful selection of the right aircraft and operator as well as  a meticulous preparation and follow up of your flights we are able to offer you an excellent level of service.  Our experience as aircraft operator helps us very much to manage third party flights.

Of course we are also very happy to arrange a helicopter or limousine in connection to your flights.

Check out our fleet to discover which aircraft we can offer you