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Your own aircraft

FLYINGGROUP offers different formula, tailored to your flying needs

Your own aircraft


Self-managing your own aircraft is expensive. Operating costs are often high and furthermore, it involves a great deal of administrative and technical headaches.

An increasing number of aircraft owners, both companies and individuals, are convinced of the value and benefits of entrusting management of their aircraft to FLYINGGROUP.

With 150 employees and a fleet of 30 aircrafts, FLYINGGROUP is a major market player with in-house experience and knowhow to take care of the complete management of your private aircraft. Our experts keep a close eye on the regulations and ensure that your aircraft is always operated in accordance with prevailing European standards.

Furthermore, FLYINGGROUP is an official maintenance facility with qualified specialists for routine inspections or comprehensive maintenance.

An added benefit is that you can achieve a commercial return if you are willing to make your aircraft available to third parties.


Benefits of aircraft management by FLYINGGROUP

• Your aircraft is in the hands of specialists

• No operational headaches

• Financially more interesting than an aircraft under your own management

• Transparent fee structure

• Commercial return

Shared ownership


You are looking for a fast and efficient, but also cost-effective way of travelling? Then sharing an aircraft is a sensible and financially interesting option.

With this formula you can fully tailor the use of a business aircraft and related expenses to your actual flying need.

After all, the investment remains limited to your share in the use of the aircraft. Furthermore, you can use other aircrafts in our fleet and even use several aircrafts on the same day.

Another benefit is that thanks to economies of scale you will save on insurance premiums, fuel prices and maintenance fees.

This allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of your own aircraft at an affordable price and with attractive tax options.

No need to worry about maintenance, management and operation. FLYINGGROUP organizes everything and offers you a clear and transparent cost structure:

• Investment costs: for your share in the aircraft 

• Fixed costs: an annual fee in proportion to your share in the aircraft

• Variable costs: charged per flight hour  

• Flight costs: costs during a specific flight